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my, my the ways i've changed since then...

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back in 1977...

About Hi. I'm Amy. 27 Aries. Long walks on the beach? Thinks she's funny.. Kinda hilarious. Writer that makes no money from it. Blue collar worker by day, journaler by night. A real catch. Music lover. All kinds of genres but my lies with the heavy stuff and ... The Backstreet Boys.

Random I have had this livejournal for so long now that I just cannot let it die. I remember my first livejournal username I ever had (linkinpark3533) and how I had to troll the website for someone giving out invite codes. This website holds a special place in my heart and now, all these years later, I'm bringing it back. Even if everyone else is gone.

Fandom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Music. Supernatural. Pinterest, lots and lots of pins interest. Reading. Red Sox. Men who wear white. Hard work. Those who have a way with words. Longing looks from across the room. Sexy eye contact? Patriots. Nerd Stuff. The Joker. hAhaHaHAhahAHAha. Classic Rock. An ice cold beer. Getting caught in the rain. Laughing so hard it hurts.

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